Automate your Instagram store with GramFlow and let us handle the accounting, inventory, and shipping.

Prakhar Shukla



GramFlow enables sellers on Instagram to sell at scale. It is a platform that enables sellers to manage their inventory, orders, and customers. GramFlow is a SaaS product that is built for the Indian market.

Problem that GramFlow Solves

Instagram sellers often either have a page on instgram or have a website that they use to sell their products. They often use a combination of WhatsApp and Instagram to manage their orders. This is a very inefficient way of managing orders and customers. GramFlow solves this problem by providing a platform that enables sellers to manage their inventory, orders, and customers all via a single platform i.e. Instagram.

Users just have to upload products to their Instagram pages as they usually do and we manage the rest. Here's what we do:

  • We automatically create a beautiful Admin Panel for the user where they can manage their inventory, orders, and customers.
  • The admin panel has a dashboard that shows the user their sales, orders, and customers. It also includes various analytics and visualizes them in the form of graphs.
  • The admin can create orders and pass the link to the customers after the payment.
  • The admin can also create shipments directly on shipping partners like Shiprocket and Delhivery with a single click and can even upload bulk CSV files to the dashboards of the same.
  • We handle the notifications to the customer in the form of beautiful emails.
  • We also create a customer facing web-app where the users can submit all details which is secured with OTPs on thier emails. The customer data is saved for future orders.
  • We also provide a beautiful customer facing order tracking page where the customers can track their orders.
  • We automatically sync the shipment status from the shipping partners and update the customers via email and SMS.
  • We mirror your instagram page, so in-case instagram is down, you can still view and ship your orders.

tl;dr: We automate the entire process of selling on Instagram from the ordering to the shipping.

Who is this for?

GramFlow is a solution designed for Instagram sellers that do not want to use/ do not have access to Instagram's E-commerce offerings and do not want to have a E-commerce website since they are expensive and hard to manage, and also requires duplication of posts on the website and Instagram.

What is our tech stack?

We use the following tech stack:

  • NextJS (App. Directory) w Typescript
  • Turborepo (Monorepo)
  • Tailwind CSS
  • NextJS API Routes
  • (Scheduled Jobs and database Backups)
  • Clouflare R2 (S3 alternative to store images and files)
  • Prisma (Database ORM)
  • Supabase (Postgres- Database)
  • Shadcn UI
  • Doppler (Environment Variables and Secret Management)
  • Mailgun (Emails)
  • (Authentication for Admin Panel)
  • Tremor (Dashboard's Visual Analytics)
  • AWS S3 SDK
  • Vercel KV (Syncing Instagram Posts)
  • Jest (Testing [Coming soon])
  • React Hook Form (Complex Forms)
  • Zod (Schema Validation)

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